Terry and Savannah Receive Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

The founders of Vancouver Moving Theatre, Terry Hunter (Executive Director) and Savannah Walling (Artistic Director) were recently honoured for their contributions to Canadian culture with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.  Presenting the awards in the Heritage Hall at a ceremony on 23 January 2013 were Libby Davies, MP, Vancouver East, with Jennie Kwan, MLA, Vancouver-Mount Pleasant and Shane Simpson, MLA, Vancouver-Hastings. [caption id="attachment_860" align="alignleft" width="640" caption="Elaine Carol (Miscellaneous Productions), Savannah Walling, Libby Davies MP, Terry Hunter"][/caption] Terry and Savannah were recognized for “producing innovative arts events, which involve people from the Downtown Eastside in telling their stories through their company Vancouver Moving Theatre. They involve residents in the creation, development and production of cultural events, educational program and community festivals….Through their work, residents and visitors alike come to see the value, history and strength of this diverse community.” (Awards Program Guide) Terry and Savannah were thrilled and honoured to be joined at the award ceremony by family members Mary Hunter (mother) and Dr. Robert Hunter (brother); their nominator Dr. Frank Harris; Vancouver Moving Theatre Board of Directors Ann McDonell (President), John Atkin (Secretary) and Renae Morriseau (Member-at-Large);   nomination supporters Michael Clague, James Johnston and Rika Uto; and Downtown Eastside performer Stephen Lytton. [caption id="attachment_861" align="alignleft" width="640" caption="RCMP officer, Michael Clague, John Atkin, Terry Hunter, James Johnstone, Mary Hunter (front), Savannah Walling, Frank Harris (back), Steven Lytton (front), Ann McDonell, RCMP officer"][/caption] Congrats to the other thirty-four recipients from Vancouver East who received the award, including among others  friends and colleagues Elaine Carol (Miscellaneous Productions), James Crescenzo (drama teacher, Templeton High School), Melva Forsberg (artist, business owner),  Marlene George (Seniors & Cultural Sharing Programmer, Carnegie Community Centre); Bruce MacDonald (historian/author), Kevin McNulty (actor), Jane Newton-Moss (Breakfast Program, Strathcona Community Centre), Bill Sample (musician, composer, musical director), Ron Suzuki (programmer, Strathcona Community Centre), Richard Tetrault (artist), Joe Wai (architect), Larry Wong (historian/writer) and Ellen Woodsworth (community organizer). We are also delighted by the recognition of community advocates Nathan Allen (manager of Pigeon Park Savings Credit Union); Dr. Alan Bates (head coach of the Portland FC Homeless Street soccer team); Katrina Pacey (litigation director at Pivot Legal Society); Charlie Quan (a champion who fought for justice and redress from the unjust Chinese Exclusion Act) and Alex Tam (a beloved Downtown Eastside pharmacist). [caption id="attachment_862" align="alignleft" width="640" caption="RCMP officer, Terry Hunter, Jenny Kwan MLA, Elaine Carol. Richard Tetrault, Savannah Walling"][/caption]
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