a choose-your-adventure experience

March 3–15, 2020
Annex Theatre, Vancouver

Written and performed by Daniel Arnold, Darrell Dennis, and Medina Hahn
Directed by Herbie Barnes

On a vast, rural estate, urban couple Abbey and Noah are on a week-long getaway to visit her father. But when they arrive, they find him missing and a local Indigenous man, Frank, staying there instead. When it’s revealed that the colonial rights to the entire property are up for grabs, the audience — with electronic voting devices in hand — decides what happens next and who, if anyone, is the rightful inheritor of the land.

A daring, interactive play like nothing you’ve experienced, Inheritance puts the power in the palms of its audiences, giving them both the freedom and the responsibility to choose the action of the play. At key moments, the play is halted, multiple plot choices are projected on screen, and the audience picks the path the play takes next to ultimately decide its outcome.


An Alley Theatre and Touchstone Theatre co-production in association with Vancouver Moving Theatre and in community partnership with the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre.