We Are the People

Vancouver Moving Theatre and the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival
are proud to present

We Are The People

An original musical celebration commemorating 125 years of laughter and tears
in the Downtown Eastside – the heart of our city.


We Are the People commemorates 125 years of laughter and tears in the Downtown Eastside – the historical heart of our city. This concert of original and period songs of struggle, loss, celebration and perseverance showcases the home-grown creativity of the Downtown Eastside community.

Historical events highlighted in this City of Vancouver 125th Anniversary concert include the rescue of Vancouver residents by members of a Squamish congregation during the 1886 fire, the 1907 Anti-Asian riot, labour struggles of the 1930’s, historic personalities such as saloon keeper Gassy Jack Deighton, industrial tycoon / philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, activist and City Councillor Bruce Eriksen; inner city challenges such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness, prostitution and addiction; neighbourhood victories such as the establishment of the Carnegie Community Centre and  the Militant Moms’ successful protest; and Downtown   Eastside values of tolerance, courage, compassion and community.

The project’s principal artists are award winning Savannah Walling (Artistic Director and lead writer) and Neil Weisensel (Music Director, Conductor and co-composer). The songs are composed by some of Vancouver’s finest composers: Michael Creber, Earle Peach, Joelysa Pankanea, Wyckham Porteous, Bill Sample, Yawen V. Wang and Neil Weisensel. Song lyrics have been written by Dalannah Gail Bowen, James Fagan Tait, Bob Sarti, Savannah Walling and emerging community writers from the Downtown Eastside.

Generously supported by the City of Vancouver’s Office of Cultural Affairs,
125th Anniversary Cultural Program and Great Beginnings Program

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